Charity Events

J/S assists the Tulips Ball with the organization of the ball. The ball is visited by 200+ guests. Half of the guests comes from abroad. The weekend offers guests an amazing experience. This year the ball raised money for the homeless in Amsterdam. 

Sustainable Events

According to scientific research within the next 10 years half of the population will not have adequate access to clean drinking water, the lack of water also affects agriculture and food security world wide. Therefore, J/S is setting up events to promote agriculture and water sustainability. 

Press Relations & Grant Proposals

J/S holds experience in the marketing of companies by establishing relations with the press and optimizing the external PR.

We also connect funding opportunities to companies and NGO's, searching for the right fund and writing grant proposals.

Bogdan Stamoran
Urban expert

Smart cities & mobility

Frances van Alpen
Agricultural Expert

Water & food security

Clemens van Steijn
Communication expert

Communication, Events & Sales